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I think this poem can motivate people for their life. This poem is written by Imam Shafi'i. Our Imam, and one of our role model. Enjoy! 😇

By Imam Asy-Shafi'i
A scholar and a civilized person will not stay in his hometown

Leave your country and wander through other countries

Go away... You're gonna find new families and friends

Exhaust yourself, the sweetness of life comes after struggling

I saw water rot from not flowing

When it flows it becomes clear, if not, it blackens

A lion won't a prey if it stays in its den

An arrow won't hit its target if it doesn't leave its bow

If the sun in its orbit motionless and stays still,

Human will get bored and uninterested to look

Gold ore is just a usual rock before it is dug from the mine

After being processed many people fight for it

Agarwood is just another wood if its left in the jungle

If it sends to the town, it becomes expensive as a gold

Well, this poem easily blows my mind every time I read it. The essence of its sentences…


I don't know why when I've already chosen or decided something for my own path in life, at least there is someone or anyone or a group of people who easily judging me. They said my choice is awful or not good enough compared to other people's. They tend to assume what I do is stupid, I will not be qualified in this society if I choose this way, or etc. They tend to make a Negative Perspective about my decision or even myself.

For real example: I took Political Science as a major in University. They thought this major is weird, not really important, can't make a lot of money like what an accountant do if they work in the bank or other company. They wonder what would I do after graduate? Where I will work? Oh, they think in the future I will be a politician and I will do corruption in government like what predecessors did. I'm a sinner then.
I took UIN as my University. Some people in my family and even my old friend said that this university is not good, not qualifie…