Title: Rentang Kisah (Range of Story)
Author: Gita Savitri Devi
Language: Indonesia
Publisher: Gagas Media
Published: Jakarta, 2017
Thickness: 207 Pages


What is your purpose of life?

If it asked to me when I was a teenager, certainly, I can never answered it. Even, I didn't know the way to study correctly. Every day at high school, I'm more interested to met my friends and playing cards with them. I didn't know what my passion was. I only did what my mom chose for me (including continue my degree in German).

Of course, it is not an easy decision to live independently in the new country. For about 7 years living in German, there are a lot of obstacles I faced; my German language which not yet fluent made my process of college become rough, and my economy factor made me difficult to split time between studying and working.

All those difficult processes have changed me; I'm more recognized myself, recognized my religion, and understand the reason why I live here in this world. Now for me, my life is not the same anymore, it is not about me, me, and me. But also about my parents, other people, and the most important thing is about being grateful for all things that God gave to me.


Well, now I going to do a review about a book which I have read yesterday. The book is so inornate for me, really convenient to read because its content is undemanding.

This book is a non-fiction type. From what I know, the book is contained about past stories of the author. It was started when she was in a high school until she finally graduated and continued her study in German. Everything that she accomplished is because of her struggle against her laziness.

In the first part of the pages, she was telling about her mom and her relationship with her mom. It wasn't a really good relationship for her because she realized that her mom was a temperament person, her life was much-controlled by her mom, and it made her upset. But she knew what her mom did is for her and her future.

In the next few parts, she explained about her basic life, her family's condition at the moment even I knew that there are many things (privacies) that she hides, still. She didn't want to be exposed so much even at the end certainly reader will generate many questions about her life when they finished the book.

Parts which I like the most are about the religious side of her and the story about her friend who converted his religion to Islam. Moreover, she succeeded to beat her own selfishness because of her sincerity to learn her religion in depth and eventually realized that she wasn't only made her friend become Muslim, but she made her more closely to Islam (the religion which some of its teachings she considered as less reasonable) yet after that, she decided to wear hijab.

The last part of the book is filled up with some writings from her blog, might some people have read it long before this book exists.

The disadvantages of the book: I actually don't know what to complain about this book. The plot is run fastly and it might be the reason why just took a while (not a long time) to finished it. For me, it only took about 3-4 hours to finished. But it was okay.

The advantages of this book: The stories are quite motivating, the author really described her "flame" life successfully. I don't think she exaggerated it, everything that happened in the story was so neutral but still give the impression. I think it is great for people who are lack of motivation. By reading this book maybe will enlighting again your life even just a bit. 😄

The purpose to live a happy life is to always be grateful and don't forget the magic word: ikhlas, ikhlas, ikhlas. - Gitasav


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